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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 20, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> andrea: we heard about the bogus war on women in election cycle. a real war on women in middle east. a girl was shot by n the head by the taliban in her home country and was rushed to the hospital in brit tape. air lifted and she survived. today was her first day back at school. she had the could remember to speak out against violence against women due to radical islamic policy. a real hero. happy she is back in school. >> dana: i'm switching gears. toilet paper. very important thing to have. everywhere you go. have it at the office. windsor, missouri. the public employees, the male public employees told they had to bring their open toilet paper to work because of budgetary concerns. when the aldermen heard about this, they thought it was a joke. it's true because they said the men were like, they were use toog much toilet paper. that is really not usually the stereotype.
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i got this fresh from the bat bathroom >> greg: that is how you roll. >> andrea: what if you forget? a huge problem in missouri. this is not because of the sequester either. >> eric: these are the picks. louisville, ohio state, indiana, florida gators. mine are next to him. i have three of the same. georgetown in the time four. >> dana: the mascot theory is a much better, foolproof way to get to final four.
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do you watch basketball? that is it for us on "the five." thank you for watching. see you tomorrow. >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. this is a fox news alert. the possibility, probability or likelihood of weapons of mass destruction, nuclear in iran, chemical in syria. has given president obama's middle east trip a new sense of urgency tonight. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he believes that president obama is determined to keep iran from developing nuclear weapo weapons. he reiterated israel's determination to take military action necessary. the two leaders discussed reports about the use of chemical weapons in syria. crossing of president obama's red line. we have fox team coverage
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tonight. rosen looks at the iran issue but we begin with ed henry in jerusalem with worries over the deadly action in neighboring syria. hello, ed. >> reporter: good evening, bret. most significant with the president's strong tone throwing out the possibility of military action. he has issued the warpings before. >> talking tough in the first public comments that chemical weapons have been used in syria, president obama said the regime in damascus will be held accountable. >> when you start seeing weapons that can cause potential devastation and mass casualties, and you let that genie out of the bottle, then you are looking potentially at even more horrific scenes than we have already seen in syria. international community has to act on that additional information. >> the president spoke at a news conference with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who is
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worried that syria's chemical weapons could wind up in the hands of al-qaeda terrorist or anti-israeli extremists like hezbollah. mr. obama stressed he is skeptical that the weapons in syria use chemical weapons and caution the u.s. is investigating claims that the syrian president bashar assad used them, the president bristleed when israeli reporter suggested the u.s. has been sitting on their hands. >> it's incorrect for you to say we have done nothing. we helped mobilize the isolation of the assad regime internationally. we have supported and recognized the opposition. >> the president first said assad's days were numbers 19 months ago. last summer, he warned of potential u.s. force against syria. >> red line for us. we start saying bunch of chemical weapons moving around or utilized. that would change my calculus. >> back in washington today, the top republican charged the administration's policy has been adrift. >> the obama administration
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saw assad as a reformer in their words. it backed the u.n. diplomacy and bet on moscow to play a productive role. none of this worked. >> netanyahu's intelligence director said it's clear that the chemical weapons were used in syria. the chairman of the house intelligence committee said he believes that chemical weapons were used by the regime as a caveat. >> i like the see forensic evidence. >> embassy shuttered for year hedged on the chemical weapons. >> i can't tell you what happened. i can tell you we have a large team of people working on it.
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>> the syrian regime lost control with turkey and iraq. when they visit on friday, they are bracing for the possibility that the civil war could spread there. >> ed henry traveling with the president in jerusalem. thank you. now to iran, both leaders made clear they do not intend to allow the republic to get nuclear weapons. chief washington correspondent james rosen reports tonight there seems to be differences. >> they are not conveying how much divides them. >> i am convinced that the president is determined to prevent iran getting nuclear weapons. >> there is not a lot of life, a lot of daylight between our country's assessments. in terms of where iran is right now.
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>> they think he is a year or so away from building a nuclear weapon if they decide to build one. whether even before that happens the islamic regime technological advancement can reach a so-called point of no return that strips the western power of the ability to intervene. >> i think that there is a misunderstanding about time. to make the weapon, you need two things. you need enriched uranium. you need a weapon. irap gets to immunity zone when they get through the enrichment process and argue. >> earlier president obama toured one of israel's iron dome missile battery that shot down estimated 90% of the rockets launched against the jewish state in the november 2019 battle with hamas in the gaza strip. mr. obama penalled to help israel premier the qualitytative military essential over the neighbors.
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>> the current agreement lasts through 2017. we directed the teams to start working on extenting it for the years beyond. >> netanyahu near the end of the two-men 42-minute news conference paraphrased what the president said to place definitive, lengthy time frame in the commitment. >> in addition to the aid, including the defense funding for israel in the difficult times, he has announceed we will begin talks on another ten year process or arrang arrangement to ensure american military assistance to israel. >> no progress announced in effort to revive a two-state solution for the israelis and the palestinians. asked what went wrong on that score in the first term, president obama called it a really har problem linkerring for six decades. even as he acknowledged, bret, there was as he put it host of thing he is could have done.
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>> he is meeting with the palestinians. >> tomorrow. >> drones again grab headlines in the u.s. senior u.s. official tells fox news the c.i.a. may relinquish operational control of devices over seas. there are concerns how it might be used inside the country. >> catherine herridge has specifics. >> congress is investigating whether they can blow up the privacy rights of every american. >> a great many of us, place included have deep concerns about the government collecting information on citizenry. >> we are trying to take a document in the constitution, written many years ago. apply it to the mod earn world. at times we have had to struggle with that. >> faa projecting 10,000 operating systems by 2017,
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witnesses say the benefits range from forest fire to find missing chirp for $25 an hour. >> they range from $250 no thousands of dollars an hour. this costs just one sent to charge the battery we use inside the system. >> financial benefits are obvious, there bipartisan warns that the case law is non-existent. setting 5 supreme court ruling. >> i am amazed that the case that is sought by all side of reliance, 1986 case, involving aerial surveillance from airplane. >> how long do you think a drone can fly before impacting the amendment? >> 400-foot mark by the supreme court but is an open question on if the lower surveillance vehicles would be included the reasonable expectation of privacy or the personal trespass.
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>> lawmakers told they been ban commercial use of drones. drone advocates say technology should be embraced. >> they are flying smart phon phones. >> there are drones inside humming bird being developed. it's increasing at rate. >> they have web user data with the facial recognition technology to have a picture of the individual's routine and financial transactions and the experts say the law does not begin to address the issues. >> bret: north korea is suspected in a computer crash at south korean banks and broadcasters. screens went blank in mid-afternoon. some systems were down seven hours later.
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>> bret: no major changes on the horizon in how the federal reserve is dealing with the economy. while fed chief bernanke says things are getting better not everyone is encouraged. chief national correspondent jim angle looks at both sides tonight. >> if the federal reserve hadn't muched enormous amount of money in the economy it would be gasping for air in a recession. today, ben bernanke says the fed is still concerned enough to keep pumping $85 billion a month in the economy as it waits to see if the recent signs of hope take hold. >> spending by households and businesses has continued to expand and the housing speck somewhere has seen further gains. >> the recovery is still not
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satisfactory, the job market improved it's not enough. >> up employment rate continued to tick down. however, 7.7%, ton employment rate is elevated. >> the fed helped stop the economy from falling and the low interest rate make home and car sales easier. but there are limits. not as good as pushing along investors who don't really want to build factories, employers who don't want to hire. it's up successful on that front. >> 236,000 jobs were created in february, millions dropped out of the workforce and don't get counted. the so-called real unemployment rate is 14.#%, higher than when the president took office. >> the worth business psychowell have had. >> they predict the rate would be 5% not 7.7%. so why is the job market
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struggling? economists point to concern about the debt and deficit. uncertain effects of the obamacare. especially the weight of tax increases. >> it's negative for economic growth overtime. global economy, we compete, with many other nations. part of the competition is taxes. >> conservative critics argue big government fools itself to thinking taxing and spend willing make the economy grow. >> it assumes you take money from the economy right pocket and put in the left pocket and manualicly you more money. >> administration defenders, though, look at it differently. >> under normal circumstances, you don't want the government intervening. in the circumstances where we have the weak demand this is a good time for the government to step in. >> even though who want to spend less would increase spending at lower rate. >> bret: house lawmakers vote down budget proposals as an alternative to g.o.p. plan
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put forward by paul ryan. senators approved a stop gap spending plan. continuing resolution to keep the government funded after the end of the month. senate has, now it heads to the house. amendment to force the president to reinstate white house tours fail today. mixed messages from you in the latest fox news poll. 65% of those polled remain nervous about the u.s. economy. that is down from 70%, 2-1/2 years ago. there is less confidence in the president's ability to fix it. 47% now. 51% last year. the dow is back on a winning streak. the industrial average up for second day in a row. gaining 56. s&p 500 finished ahead 10. nasdaq up 25. we learned idea what cyprus will not do to qualify for international bail-out of the troubled economy. with a tax on savings account out, the lawmakers are scrambling to come up with another plan. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot
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tells us what is under consideration. >> the banks will remain closed for the rest of the week after a controversial plan to tap in to private savings to bankroll a bail-out rejected by the parliament. we are feeling easier because there might not be a levy on deposits. but the situation could get worse. the officials scram to believe come up with a plan "b" for the near bankrupt country. european union will not put up its share of the $20 billion bail-out without cyprus doing its bit. they offer to mortgage the assets to help come up with cash. cypriot officials are also in moscow. any new loans could come with strings attached including reportedly rights for russian naval ships. >> we like to talk to our friends and see how we can work together to get out of the difficult situation we're in. >> anger against the european union remains strong. they are blamed for the
3:20 pm
stringent bail-out conditions. the chancellor is holding her ground. we look at any proposal that they make. germany wants a solution. cyprus is a partner in the euro zone. atms are running out of cash. bank holiday on monday the earliest banks will reopen is tuesday. when they do there will be limits op withdrawals to try to avoid panic. >> we want to take -- they want to take our money. >> late today, top official in cyprus said the government there would come up with a solution. the details of that solution are still not known. there are some busy and nervous days ahead. bret? >> greg palkot in london. thank you. >> the supreme court ruled the rupoff from logging is not industrial pollution. does not require a permit. the decision reverses an appeals court ruling.
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>> bret: we look at how committed democrats are to push for group jade in federal gun control law. decision by a top democrat seen by some as an admission that will not happen. correspondent shannon bream has the story. >> we have a lot to do. >> when it hits the senate floor, it will not include toughest provision.
3:25 pm
many that were called for in wake of the deadly newtown tragedy. >> congress should restore ban on military style assault weapons and ten-round limit for magazines. [ applause ] >> the senate judiciary committee passed an assault weapons ban that would limit the gun magazine sizes with three other gun control measures. senate majority leader harry read long time gun rights advocate with rating for the national rifle association said they would not go to the full senate for up and down vote. >> my job is to find one of those or one of two of them that i can get 60 votes to precede to this. we can't have votes unless i get something on the floor. >> they voiced displeasure we reid. >> this came out on 10-8 vote
3:26 pm
of the judiciary committee. not to give me a vote would be a major betrayal. >> they say they wouldn't cave without the approval. question when mr. obama needs to back down on issue he called a top priority. >> the reality is that there is something that he wanted. so why isn't he putting the muscle behind it. lawmakers in washington continue their debate, number of state legislatures are moving forward. they passed tough newtown la laws. governor hickenlooper pushed back against the criticism that the gun laws have been rushed through. >> i hope you are not holding washington up as a model. how we should do the lawmakerring process. >> for now it appears that they offer legislation claimed to crack down on illegal trafficking. there is a great deal of debate behind the scenes whether or not he could cobble
3:27 pm
together bipartisan support for background checks. >> mark sanford received the most votes in tuesday's republican primary for the vacant house seat in south carolina. he is attempting a political comeback after the fall-out from extramarital affair. he had 37% of the vote. he will face the second place finisher in a rupoff next month. the winner faces democratic nominee elizabeth colbert bush. sister of satirist stephen colbert. funny thing happened to an old bowl purchased at a yard sale. we'll explain. why some are not happy that woman is the new face of israeli military. grapevine is next. all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
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>> bret: now fresh pickings from the political grapevine.tun about how unfair standardized tests are. it turns out they may have a point. saturday, 50 attorneys, scientists and elected officials in rhode island took the test required for high school graduation there. most of them said they thought they failed. they were right. the "providence journal" reports 50% scored substantially below proficient on the test. the "washington post" writes the test was not created with the intent of being graduation requirement and not designed to assess individual students. some israeli officials are not happy that the foreign
3:32 pm
ministry chose supermodel bar raphali as the face of the new ad cam pape with the military she dodged serving. israeli law requires men to serve three years in the military and women to serve two. requirement she side-stepped. officials with the israeli defense forces say using her for the campaign sends the wrong me stooge the country's youth. last night, she told israel's channel 2 she isn't losing any sleep over the criticism. tonight, proof we should all spend time looking for a diamond in the rough. family in new york bought this old bowl at a yard sale in develop. they paid $3 for it. they took it to get appraised. yesterday it sold at auction for $2.2 million. turns out the bowl is from china's tsong dynasty dating to the 10 and 11th century. the only other dish like it in
3:33 pm
the world is on display at a british museum. one time note, false start for president obama when he arrived in israel this morning. his limo broke down at the airport. israeli media reports someone filled it up with diesel instead of gasoline. secret service disputes that. says diagnostic tests are ongoing. ♪ ♪ >> bret: al-qaeda front group claimed responsibility for yesterday's series of bombings that killed 65 people. this happens as they mark the ten-year anniversary of the miles per hour led invation there. tonight senior correspondent level level continues the look back at the beginning to catch up with an miles per hour at thetip of the spear. >> they fired the first shot on the ground, sergeant
3:34 pm
michael timmons climbe climbed e pole. >> we captured the flag. >> he helped protect other troops and digging fighting holes in the iraqi desert. >> you're sweating. but says it's all part of the job. >> he grew up poor in north texas going without food and running water sometimes. joined the marines fresh out of high school never expecting to go to war pew stayed cool under fire and shared cooking secrets in down time. >> take a little bit of water. pour it in there. not too much. >> hmm. >> today, timmons is a correction officer at lockup in tampa, texas. part-time guardsman. >> when you look back do you think about iraq? >> not so much anymore. i kind of look at it as, you know, part of my past. >> the iraq war left marks on
3:35 pm
timmons who says he was diagnosed with ptsd but claims no regrets and chokes up explaining why he serves. >> i felt pride in my country. i felt that by joining i could, i can give back. to the freedom i have and everything else. >> you still feel that pride? >> yeah. it's something that won't go away. >> timmons says the greatst lesson learned is taking nothing for granted. >> those are things that i think about that let me realize to be thankful for what i've got. i have been there. >> we have been asked to point out normally the texas department of corrections doesn't allow officers to grow beards but they made an exception for timmons who needed it for overseas assignment with his national guard unit. he says he will shave it off
3:36 pm
when he gets home from the shorter and what should be far less dangerous tour of duty. bret? >> bret: all right, rick. thank you. part four tomorrow. the u.s. military reached an agreement with the afghan government on a gradual pull-out of american special forces. and the afghanp counterparts from one contentious region. president karzai blamed the troop for human right abuses. the u.s. officials denied all the allegations. investigators in nevis are trying to figure out what caused a mortar shell to explode in the firing tube monday night killing seven bleeps and woulding eight others. about 300 people turned out to mourn the loss. pentagon has halted the use of some of the weapons for commanders in afghanistan report they are still firing. lawmakers heard testimony today op capitol hill about the problems veterans have getting v.a. benefits. we told you a group has the average wait time for benefits at 273 days. that is an average.
3:37 pm
they also heard testimony there is no relationship between combat experience and suicide among military personnel. lawmakers were told the military has what is called a stigma reduction program for treating veterans with post dramatic stress disorder. as the president visited israel, israel makes more noise about attacking iran nuclear facilities. we get thoughts from that and the fox all-stars when we come back. hello! how sharp is your business security? can it help protect your people and property,
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if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. [ bop ] [ bop ] [ bop ] you can do that all you want, i don't like v8 juice. [ male announcer ] how about v8 v-fusion. a full serving of vegetables, a full serving of fruit. but what you taste is the fruit. so even you... could've had a v8. we will do what is necessary to prevent iran from getting the world's worst weapons. each country has to make its own decisions when it comes to the awesome decision to engage in any kind of military action. israel is differently situated that the united states. >> i am convinced that the president is determined to prevent iran from getting nuclear weapons. i appreciate the fact that the
3:41 pm
president has reaffirmed more than any other president israel's right and duty to defend itself, by itself against any threat. >> president obama and prime minister netanyahu talking about iran. and what may or may not happen. israel's decision when to or if to strike iran, to prevent it from getting a nuclear weapon. let's bring in the panel. steve hayes senior writer for the stand stand. mara liasson, political correspondent of national public radio and sindcated columnist charles krauthammer. it seemed like both leaders were trying to make a big push to show how unified they were. but there were differences in what was said today. >> there were. but i thought what was rather interesting was the apparent warmth between them or at least the effort to display. there is no way to know how genuine it was. there was a moment for example when the president mentioned the older brother of the prime
3:42 pm
minister who died in the famous raid and saying he would be visiting mount a mini arlington in israel for israel's hero. it looked like prime minister was touched by that, gratuitous reference but rather kind one. the one thing that the prime minister wanted to emphasize is the clip you showed. he saying you have a right to defend yourself alone if you have to. he kept repeating that to say the president of the united states has given me the green light to attack if i think i have to. and time is running out. for israeli that is precious. >> bret: another moment in which the talking about the threat from iran. take a listen. >> we agree that a nuclear
3:43 pm
armed iran would be a threat to region, threat to world. and potential threat to israel. >> we have different vulnerabilities, different capabilities. we take that in to account. what we do maintain and the president i think is the first to do so is that israel has a right to independently defend itself against any threat, including the iranian threat. >> again, repeating that. >> he has gone out of his way to say there is no daylight between us. he is saying more than any other president israel right to defend itself. i think this is a pretty stunning display of togetherness for guys who didn't like each other until maybe right now. >> bret: the end, though,
3:44 pm
they went out of their way to say misunderstanding about time. he believes they have enough uranium to create a weapon. he said that is our time. when they get to that point or through the enrichment point in our view, and repeats in our view, so it seems that is the split. there is the difference. >> there has been strange and repeated commentary from the u.s. side over the last several months that the united states will know when that moment would come. we have a window in to that process. netanyahu said he doesn't believe that and they preserve the right to defend themselves because it's unknown. beyond that certain point and zone of immunity they have to
3:45 pm
take action. >> one of the reasons that there is new war or effort to project is obama has abandoned the naive view he had when he came to office he could remake the middle east. restart negotiations. so after three years of exbearance the reality of the palestinians, no interest in negotiations, walking out and then sort of humiliating the united states going against us in getting statehood recognition at the u.n., without any agreement, any concession or negotiations, with that set aside and owl of the pettiness over the argument over a settlement here, with that on the side, no longer the major irritant, then i think they each can see fairly closely together.
3:46 pm
look at syria and iran. even though there remains a difference over what is the red line with iran, the fact that obama seems to have recognized israel might have to strike earlier. not only because it has a different perception of what red line is, but israel has weaker capacity. it doesn't have the strength in the air force that the united states has. it might have to strike earlier because it can do less. >> bret: do you think they strike soon? >> look, i have been -- for years i thought the israelis have to strike at some point. only reason i think they might not and if they don't, it would be because they may have calculated they don't have enough to severely destroy or set back the program iran has.
3:47 pm
i think it will strike and i don't see developments in the negotiations. >> bret: do we know if we provide them bunker buster bombs? >> i don't see how they do it without our assistance. since we take the blow-back, we might as well be involved. we might as well have say and control over how it happens. there is an interview that perez the president of israel did that said that, the united states has to take a big role. >> you know, i have to say to me the explanation is simpler. president obama's president for another four years so netanyahu has to show some warmth and try to bring the president closer in the eventualualty it does have to happen. one aside, interesting i agree that there is a warmth -- i'm not sure the president changed as much as charles think. ben rhodes one of president's top advisors took to twitter this week. of the 42-minute press
3:48 pm
conference, the one tweak he sent is highlighting the president's comment that the diplomatic window is till open with iran. he is his top, one of his top strategic foreign policy advisors and he assumes because that is the sentence that is focused on that is what he wants to come out of the press conference. >> bret: next up, the two leaders on syria and the developing situation with the possibility of chemical weapons. ♪ looking for a litter with natural ingredients that helps neutralize odors. discover tidy cats pure nature. uniquely formulated with cedar, pine, and corn.
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i am deeply skeptical of any claim in fact it was the opposition that used chemical weapons. i made clear that use of chemical weapons is a game
3:52 pm
changer. i won't make an announcement today about the next steps because we have to gather the facts. when you start seeing weapons that can cause potential devastation, and mass casualties, a you let that genie out of the bottle, then you are looking potentially at especially more horrific scenes than we have already seen in syria. >> bret: president obama talking about the possibility of the chemical weapons were used in syria. the house intelligence chairman mike rogers says there is a high probably now they were in fact used. president obama saying that president bashar assad should go. he has been saying that his days are numbered for 19 months. that is about 580 days. take a listen. >> it's not a question of when
3:53 pm
assad leaves. or if assad leaves. it's a question of when. he will leigh power. not a question of if. >> i am confident that assad's days are numbers. i think he must go and i believe he will go. >> the last one was today. >> if you go to the first time that he made the caug august 18, 2011, 2200 people died at that point in syria. now we're in excess of 70,000. it's one of the reasons i believe this will be forever a black mark on the obama administration. basically done nothing. the question he got today at the press conference to suggest that the u.s. hasn't done anything. the president pushed back hard on that but he was unconvincing in the suggestion we have done much. if you look at the numbers, it suggests we haven't. on the question of the use of chemical weapons, i think the president has shifted the red line a little bit. the first time he talked about chemical weapons he said if
3:54 pm
they are used or moved. well, we know if they were moved in december. we know they have been moved after that. i talked to someone on this matter that said a chemical of some kind was used. mike mcmorris rogers is not known to say things that weren't briefed. likely to find out there was a chemical. whether he have a debate what constitutes a chemical weapon or they have to act. >> he put pressure on himself. gain changer. he created a red line. i don't think it will take long to determine if they were used or not. i will suspect they have been used. he has to do something more than he has done until now.
3:55 pm
>> so what is that? what is the something that you will do? >> hard to guess because the president has shown a complete reluctance to do anything that is risky in syria. in some ways that is understandable after the iraq war and the problems we have had in libya and benghazi where we helped topple a government and it turned bad. a lot of the revolutions. the bad guys, islamists gained upper hand. these are extreme examples. "washington post" had an excellent story today describing shariah law being imposed in aleppo, one of the major cities in syria. now, partly under the control of the rebels. the worst part is that many of the jihadists in syria who appear to be gaping th gaining r hand allyed with the al-qaeda in iraq in al-qaeda. the war right now between syria and iraq is one that the
3:56 pm
government of syria lost control of. so what we are getting in iraq is regaining of strength by al-qaeda, which have been smashed, really destroyed by the surge. but with complete american withdrawal has come back. now it appears to have the te tentacles in syria. >> bret: isn't there also a credibility issue in the middle east with what the president word means for all of the other allies? if he says he must go, and i'm going to have this red line, are we at that point? >> you can't keep on laying down red lines if you are going to step over them. then you are right, you have no creditn't. people say assad has months, not years to go. in other words, he will be gone. but it sends a bad sign. he has the rebels in syria saying look, if you won't help us, move aside and stop talking.
3:57 pm
i do, as i said before, i think the president has ratcheted up the pressure. once they determine chemical weapons have been used. he will have to do something. send more arms to the rebels or get some assistance in some other way. >> bret: this won't be the last panel on this. but the last panel for that. stay tuned for bracketology panel style. none of us would want to be told we can't marry the pern we
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